Leadership program for frontline managers 

Our unique leadership program for frontline managers is tailored to meet the unique challenges and needs of today's dynamic work environments.

Our process:

1. Identify needs and goals

Needs analysis: We start by gathering information about the specific challenges and needs that the managers have. This includes customer service, personnel management, budgeting, and crisis management.

Target definition: Together with you, we determine clear and measurable goals for what the program should achieve. For example, improved leadership skills, higher employee satisfaction, and increased customer satisfaction.

2. Design the program content

We create a curriculum: We develop a curriculum that includes a mix of theory and practical applications. Areas of focus may be leadership theories, communication skills, conflict management, financial understanding, and customer service excellence.

3. Hybrid method

We combine online and offline: We combine online learning with physical meetings. This can include web-based courses, interactive webinars, coaching and face-to-face workshops

Interactive learning: We include interactive elements such as group discussions, role plays, and simulation exercises to enhance learning and engagement.

4. Integrate mentoring programs

Mentoring: We connect the participants with experienced leaders in the hospitality industry as mentors. This can provide additional support, guidance, and networking opportunities.

5. Evaluation and feedback

Continuous evaluation: We carry out regular evaluations to measure the success of the program and the development of the participants. We continuously evaluate to adjust and improve the program over time.

Alumni Network: We create an alumni network for program participants to encourage continued learning and networking after the program ends.

6. Case studies and guest speakers

Reality-based learning: We include case studies and invite guest speakers from the industry to share their experiences and best practices.

7. Leadership Development Tools

Tools and Resources: We provide tools and resources that can support middle managers' day-to-day leadership, such as time management, stress management, and digital tools for learning.

Regardless of which path you choose, we will help you.

From program design to content development, program activation and everything in between. We build performance-driven training courses.