Information about ServiceHub App

ServiceHub is a community app for the service industry. A central hub that strengthens the frontline by offering learning through digital courses and promoting social learning through groups and discussions.

Take courses, get diplomas, share experiences and train. Do you have an account? Download:

1. Digital courses
  • Purpose: Strengthen your CV and career by taking courses and obtaining certificates.
  • Flexibility: Return to previously completed courses at any time to revise and deepen your knowledge.
  • Courses: Here you will find all courses as well as current and completed courses.
2. Social Community
  • Interaction: Like traditional social media, ServiceHub offers a platform where you can engage socially.
  • Groups and forums: Join interest groups, participate in discussions and interact with other users.
  • Personal profile: Create and maintain your own profile, make settings.
    All your bumps, courses, send messages, etc. are collected here.
  • News feed: Get updates and push notifications from across the platform right in your feed.
3. Group initiative
  • Create your own groups: If you have a particular interest or area of expertise, you can contact us to start and run your own group. Invite members and share materials such as courses and other relevant content.
4. Corporate integration
  • Corporate invitations: If you have been invited to ServiceHub through your company group, you can attend customized courses, onboarding, take part in information, send messages to colleagues, etc.

Each feature is designed to maximize your learning and networking experience, while giving you the opportunity to develop your professional network and career. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need additional information on how to use ServiceHub in the best possible way.

In ServiceHub: Can you create your own private groups for your company or community or your employees/customers/community

  • Use as an intranet, communicate, post documents, etc
  • Post your own course and onbaording
  • Take part in existing courses
  • Send messages between employees/community
  • Get push notifications

We offer a range of training opportunities adapted to meet different needs. For those looking for quick knowledge acquisition, we offer short training courses that range from 15 to 30 minutes. For those who desire a more comprehensive understanding and personal development, we offer longer training programs designed for in-depth study and self-study.

We cater to anyone who works with guests in the industry, regardless of experience level.