Strengthen the front line

With training, service design, content creation and the ServiceHub App, we strengthen the front line both on site, digitally and with AI.

Cost effective app for your business

ServiceHub App

Is the ultimate app for hotels and restaurants that lack their own onboarding and communication platforms.

Improve service, sales, structure and culture

Service Design

Is the broader process that includes various methods and tools for designing and improving services and experiences.

We have divided the method into three overall parts.

This step aims to clearly define and communicate the overall vision for your service. By creating a strong and well-thought-out concept, it becomes clear what your service represents, what core values guide the business and what makes it unique compared to the competition.

A method for visualizing the customer's experience from start to finish.

Helps understand customer interactions and emotions at every touch point.

Used to create a more customer-centric service design.

Map out every step in the service process and visualizes both visible and invisible parts of the service.
-Define clear service and sales behaviors:
-Implement Daily Pre-Shift meetings: Drive overall and individual goals. Coach, follow up, document and reflect
- Make clear job descriptions which includes vision, values, communication.

Develop a selling organization

Increase additional sales

We educate and train employees in additional sales. Resulting in a selling organization.

Do you want to increase additional sales by 7 million in one year?

Read more about our methods and try our Live calculator where you can enter your own numbers

Content creation as a service

Content development

We help you create training and onboarding materials specifically designed for your brand and team.

If you prefer not to be on camera, we use text for AI avatars.

CEO Oscar Lindeberg. School of Service & ServiceHub App
Coming this fall...

Service Sessions
After Work

Service Sessions offer exciting interviews with industry colleagues as well as a relaxed arena for mingling and networking.
In a world where experience is everything, excellent service is the only real means of competition. Customers and guests buy more, are more loyal and share their positive experiences.
Service Sessions explores how the industry applies AI, new technology and service design in the pursuit of the ultimate guest experience.