Mystery Stay

Mystery Stay.
A deep dive into customer experience

What is Mystery Stay?
Mystery Stay is a proven method for objectively evaluating customer service and staff behavior in the hospitality industry. By acting as regular guests, mystery guests go through the standard processes of guest interactions and collect valuable data by observing and reporting back their experiences. This method is focused on capturing the "moments of truth" during the guest's stay, which are crucial moments where the guest and staff interact directly.

How does it work?
In practice, we send out trained observers to our customers' businesses, such as hotels or restaurants. These observers go through a typical customer journey – behaving like normal guests, availing accommodation, meals or other services and interacting with staff. After the stay, they fill out detailed questionnaires and recount their entire experience. The key here is that the staff who meet them are unaware that they are under observation, ensuring that their behavior is genuine and unmanipulated.

Benefits of Mystery Stay

Increased insight: By directly observing and documenting guest experiences, we gain valuable insights into how the staff act in natural situations and how well they meet the company's service standards.

Development possibilities: The results from Mystery Stay provide concrete examples of what works well and what can be improved. This enables targeted actions to raise the quality of the customer experience.

Complement to traditional examinations: While traditional customer surveys often provide quantitative data that answers whether the service is good or bad, Mystery Stay explains why and provides detailed qualitative feedback.

Measurement of personal service
We focus primarily on the personal meeting between staff and guest, which is usually difficult to measure with traditional methods. Customer surveys such as NPS (Net Promoter Score) are good supplements that show general customer satisfaction, but with Mystery Stay we get deeper insights into specific interactions and detailed reasons why certain aspects of the service are appreciated or need improvement.

Program. 8 weeks

Week 1: Initial meeting to analyze current practices and set goals.

Week 2: Carry out the first Mystery Stay visit according to the agreed plan.

Week 3: Project meeting to discuss the results of the Mystery Stay visit.
Followed by a workshop with department heads covering: Action plans. Follow-up. Checklists

Week 4: Own work supported by expert consultation.

Week 5: Workshop for all employees.

Week 6: Continue your own work with expert support.

Week 7: Complete the second Mystery Stay visit.

Week 8: Final meeting with department heads to review progress.

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