TrumBama – What effect does your leadership have on the guest experience?

What effect does your leadership have on the guest meeting?

Perhaps the clearest example of how leadership affects an individual, an organization, a country, a world is Obama and Trump.

If we argue that Obama stands for the reflective, calm, and elevating style, then Trump stands for the irrational, thoughtless, the stressful.

In my own career I have been both.

When I have been in my positive zone, I have been Obama – raising my colleagues created a safe place and the contribution with a wonderful structure and energy which has contributed to a wonderful team that has delivered in the guest meeting.

When I have been stressed unstructured, I have been Trump – spreading ”shit”, nagging, not trusting my co-workers, which has resulted in an insecure workplace that has obviously affected the guest meeting.


Of course, the solutions are not simple – we talk about how we feel, what education we have, what we have with us in our ”backpacks”, positive and negativ experience from our life, what our drive is.

One solution that I have noticed works for me is structure, clarity and expectations.

When we know – regardless of position what is expected of us and we have a structure to work for, it enables us to deliver in the guest meeting and the structure required for it.

Our Method – The Star Service Method in 6 easy steps is a structure that allows us to be more Obama and less Trump.

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How do you go from your Trum Zone to your Obama Zone? Feel free to share with you.

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