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Company Overview:
Alma mater is an allegorical Latin phrase for a university or college. Translated as “nourishing mother”, it suggests that a school provide intellectual nourishment to its students and the phrase can be traced back to the motto of the University of Bologna, founded in 1088.

ALMA is also the name of a members’ club and private workspace located in Stockholm. Founded to provide intellectual and social nourishment to our members, ALMA offers a place to work, meet, dine and socialize, and provide access to reciprocal member clubs around the world.

Recognizing the growing need for new forms of workspace and collaborative environments, ALMA opened its doors on Nybrogatan 8 in Stockholm in 2017. A space for work and play, ALMA was founded for the sole purpose of nurturing people and their ideas. Designed to meet the working needs of entrepreneurs, teams and individuals, predominantly in innovative and creative industries. For meetings and collaboration, a state of the art music studio, an outdoor terrace, a bar and communal and private dining spaces. The restaurant, overseen by chefs Gordon Grimlund and Nathalie Nordström serves meals exclusively for members and their members.

A rich cultural program provides members and the creative community with talks, exhibits, entertainment, parties, and opportunity for collaboration. Integrating architecture, product design, and art, with cultural programming and services, ALMA was created by the very people it caters to.
Our Mission Statement

Alma is a members club and hive of creativity for global nomads in search of an immersive community. Highly curated, and uniquely positioned to cater to collaboration, Alma differentiates itself by its members, distinctive design, and familiar approach to service. It provides members with the opportunity for personal and professional growth. Alma is about honoring creativity and innovation and those who make it happen. That’s what we do, that’s what Alma is all about.

There are a few things which we believe help achieve this:

• We believe simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.
• We believe in integrity; that good values and strong foundations are the key to success, both in our physical spaces and in the way we do business. Integrity and authenticity is how every single detail has and should be approached at ALMA.
• We do everything with purpose and good intent.
• We have a genuine passion for our business and the business of our members
• We believe in the power of a smile. We believe in manners – please, thank you, pardon. There is no place for bad manners at ALMA. We believe in kindness and empathy. Treat others how you wish to be treated.
• We believe that it takes a village. That the combination of teamwork, respect for each other and individual accountability makes us stronger. We are team players, co-conspirators and collaborators.
• We help each other and hold each other up, always. We are the sum of our parts.
• We are dreamers and doers. We aim to innovate, evolve and grow.
• Progress and success stop when evolution stops. Let’s always aim to better ourselves.
• We believe attitude is everything. Skills can be learned. Roles can be taught. Attitude is intrinsic.
• We believe it’s the little things that count. Attention to detail matters.
• We believe that the people make a place, both our members and our team.
• We believe in civil discourse.
• We know details are everything.
• We believe in fewer, better things.
• Good companies don’t do bad design.
• Good design and quality are basic human rights.
• It ok to make mistakes, just own them and learn from them.


Here are a few things that we feel are important for the role:
Know what to take seriously, when. The rest, keep it light!
• While we aspire to deliver perfection, we also like to have fun, and we believe that the energy that we put out is the energy that we will get back, both as a team and as individuals.
• Have an innate ability to think big, and small.
• Be able to see the big picture but understand that it’s the small things that get us there.
• Blend creative entrepreneurialism, emotional intelligence and healthy competition with strategy
and streamlined systems.
• Aspire to be the best in the industry, to set the standards, to be the example looked to by
other boutique Clubs.
• Don’t settle. Continue to reinvent to stay relevant. Be a leader for change and innovation
both in the industry at a macro level and at ALMA at a micro level.
• Conceptualize, strategize, innovate, execute, own it: Use data, real time examples and member
intel to consistently adapt and evolve in order to better our product and our members’ experience. Identify the gaps, roadblocks and opportunities for unique innovations. Translate real-time intelligence into plans and systems to maximize member satisfaction and profit margins. Execute plans and systems with scrupulous attention and an intrinsic curiosity and strategic ability to oversee, reanalyze, reassess and do it all over again as is the cycle of constant improvement.
Be your own brand ambassador. Passion is believable. Authenticity is powerful.
• Stand behind your brand and your product. Believe in it. Speak of and treat your brand and product in a way that oozes passion and authenticity. Know its story. Bring it to life. Share its voice with your team so they too can believe and share. This builds morale and enables members to feel involved in something bigger then themselves.
Back to basics. Understand motives. Deliver above and beyond.
• Understand why are our members are at ALMA. How can we satisfy these motives? How can we deliver above and beyond expectations? Anticipate member needs and concerns before they need to.
Community matters. Build One.
• In a largely internet driven world, people, more and more, feel the basic human need to be part of something bigger than themselves, to feel inspired. Curate an experience and a feeling that caters to that on a micro, macro, local, national and international level. Spread the love.
• Use our physical space, ALMA brand and our people to support other brands and build a sense of community whether it be supporting local artists on ALMA’s walls, live music in the Atrium, fashion trunk shows, pop up dinners and experiences, educational events in our spaces. All of these things make our wider world more positive and enliven our member’s experience.

House General Manager Job Description

Reports to: Direct Reports:
Job Summary
Founders – H. Thofte + Fredrik Carlstrom
Marketing + Membership + Programming Manager Member Services Supervisor
Restaurant Supervisor
Chef de Cuisine
• Oversees day-to-day operations of the Member Services Team, Restaurant and Bar Team, Marketing, Programming and Membership Sales.
• Works in unison with ownership to develop the overall Club strategy to maximize member satisfaction, colleague satisfaction and financial performance.
• Responsible for the preparation, presentation and subsequent achievement of the Club’s annual Operating Budget, Marketing & Sales Plan and Capital Budget.
• Sets and executes short and medium-term strategic goals for the Club.
• Manages on-going profitability of the Club, ensuring revenue and member satisfaction targets
are met and exceeded; has a strong understanding of P&L statements and the ability to react
with impactful strategies.
• Oversees the execution of the annual member calendar, activities, cultural programming and
functions – attends and leads Club member events.
• Directs and oversees membership program and as final approval of all new members ensuring
that applicants embody Alma’s community objectives.
• Drives the membership recruitment and retention process ensuring the careful and continued
curation of the Alma community.
• Promotes efficient operating procedures to provide a flawless member experience; actively
engages with members from arrival to departure.
• Oversees the implementation of on-brand Strategic Partnerships that enhance the Clubs
positioning in the market and creates value for the members.
• Maintains a constant presence in the House, and is the ‘face’ of Alma for members at all times.
• Takes ownership of all member complaints and issues and resolves in a timely manner.
• Ensures decision-making is in the best interest of the Club, members and management.
• Ensure full compliance with Club operating controls, SOP’s, policies, procedures, service and
brand standards. Staffing
• Hires qualified staff ensuring they are “on-brand” and are a fit with our mission, vision and values.
• Promotes a positive work environment; select and train new colleagues; continuously provide recognition, mentoring and coaching to existing colleagues.
• Holds regular daily briefings and meetings with all head of departments.
• Monitors and processes team payroll on time.

• Oversees and manages all departments and works closely with department heads on a daily basis; develops the management team to ensure career progression and development.
• Is accountable for responsibilities of department heads.
• Provides effective leadership to Club team members.
Standards, Reporting
• Conducts quarterly price reviews of competitors (Membership, Special Events, Meeting Room Rental, Food & Beverage) and makes recommendations to Ownership for changes to our pricing.
• Responsible for the ongoing development of the Restaurant, Bar, Beverage and Event menus.
• Ensures that monthly departmental financial outlooks and forecasts are on target and
• Prepares weekly and monthly reports for the owners and board.
• Responsible for the procurement of operating supplies and equipment, and contracting with
third-party vendors for essential equipment and services.
• Ensures that the property is impeccably maintained and ensures that all maintenance issued
are addressed immediately.
• Ensures that the atmosphere in the Club is maintained as per established standards. This
includes lighting, music levels, scents, candles etc. Please refer to the ALMA look book for detailed information. There is no changing or deviating from established furniture or accessories layouts, established lighting schemes, music selection, uniforms, operating supplies and equipment (i.e. china, glass, silver) or anything else that may affect the ALMA image.
• Maintains confidential all matters regarding the Club, its operations, and its members; ensures all staff do the same.
• Responsible for compliance with all local and governmental life, health and safety requirements.
• Acts with initiative. Approaches problems as opportunities. Before bringing them to ownership, analyze the situation (collect relevant data) and workshop possible solutions. Presents from a cost value perspective and a best case / worst case perspective.
• Knows “ALMA” as a brand, intimately. Balances on-brand presence, member satisfaction and financial interests. Thinks long term. We aspire to grow the brand nationally and internationally. If there is no “brand” identity, there is no brand growth.
• Has routines and checklists in place to ensure smooth operation of all departments.
• Knows the property intimately. Walks the property and departments daily and often to make
sure everything is operating to standard (physical property, team and service). Fix things
that are not and assess why they are not.
• Runs reports regularly to identify where we are performing and where we are not;
Actions as necessary.
• Performs other tasks as may be reasonably requested from time to time by Ownership.

Qualification Standards:
• 2-year degree from an accredited university in Business Administration, Club and Restaurant
Management, or related major; 5 years’ experience in the management operations, sales and marketing, or related professional area.
• 4-year bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Club and Restaurant Management, or related major; 6 years’ experience in the management operations, sales and marketing, or related professional area.
Person Profile:
• Is an outgoing, forward-facing personality; will be the face of ALMA to both members and within the community.
• Is entrepreneurial, driven and motivating leader who has experience inspiring member service.
• Displays strong hands-on, roll-up your sleeves operational skills; thrives in customer
• Thinks critically and objectively; has excellent problem solving skills and the ability to make
quick decisions based on business demands.
• Understands and interprets Club financial reports; generates, and analyzes budgets and
labor reports and can generate action plans based on their analysis.
• Has a passion for hospitality, demonstrated by a progressive hospitality career.
• Previous experience working directly with ownership is preferred.
• Is technologically savvy, with a strong understanding of Social Media.
• Is proficient in Excel, Word and Powerpoint.
• Must be able to work in a fast-paced and creative work environment.
• Ability to work flexible hours including weekends, holidays and late nights.


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