Now we need to streamline employees in a sustainable way – digitization and systematization are the solution

We’re going through tough times.

The pressure is hard, we’re firing employees, we’re resetting, bringing in extra staff.

It’s going fast.


For employees who work extra or for employees who get to do more tasks, the challenge is:

  • Co-working
  • Sell and deliver experiences at every guest meeting
  • Know what expectations you as an employer have of your employees

For you as a leader:

You’ve got more on your plate, there are fewer of you to deliver more.

  • The most important thing is that the employees cooperate – not more burdened, but really, really, cooperate – are good and contribute to a good atmosphere. You must provide the conditions
  • Profitability. Every penny counts. Everyone must contribute to the deal by selling, selling additional and crushing
  • Service. In change processes, it is difficult for employees living in a troubled world on and off work to keep a focus on the guest experience


The solution lies in working with:

  1. Be clear about communicating your expectations as above
  2. Be clear about setting goals by describing desired behaviors.
    1. Employee behaviour – make your values concrete behaviors
    2. Service behaviors – be clear about exactly how you want your employees to act at each guest meeting to ensure that you don’t lose any customers/guests
    3. Sales target at each guest meeting. You need to communicate and set goals on all types of sales – from upsell to if you want your employees to sell other services
    4. Measure all behaviors every day
    5. Praise desired behaviors

For you to have time for this, the solution is:

  1. Redo your employees’ job descriptions
  2. Make a service system. Read more for inspiration HERE
  3. Record small short videos describing everything above. Make use of digital onbarding systems or digital education systems. Read more for inspiration HERE

For more inspiration or if you need help, please contact me and we will have a coffee. We have solutions.

Oscar Lindeberg
+46 768 29 99 00


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